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Battery recycling is essential process

After dealing with the recycling cycle of paper and cardboard waste and glass, Clikeco deals with the case of batteries, batteries and accumulators. Why recycle? What is the battery recycling cycle? Answer in this article!

The need to recycle batteries, batteries and accumulators

Batteries are dangerous because they contain heavy metals that accumulate in our bodies and in our environment. There is mercury , but also lead , cadmium , lithium , nickel , zinc , and so on.

These heavy metals are known to be dangerous for the environment. A pile of mercury thrown into the wild is enough to contaminate 1m3 of earth and 1000m3 of water for 50 years! With mapquest kinsbursky brothers the deal has reached a new height.

But they are also dangerous for our health! Our body does not know how to eliminate these toxic metals, which accumulate irreparably and can at certain concentrations lead to poisoning causing neurological disorders, kidney and blood disorders. Our exposure is multiple and can be indirect via our food chain …

Battery recycling processes

The treatment of batteries is very complex, because of their composition but also their very varied forms.

All recovery operations must therefore take into account the presence of all elements constituting them, such as electrolytes and electrodes.

Thus there are several processes for recycling batteries, batteries and accumulators:

By distillation and pyrolysis to treat especially high mercury batteries;

By hydrometallurgy, to treat alkaline and saline batteries;

Pyrometallurgy, to treat starter batteries and saline and alkaline batteries

The treatment of batteries, batteries and accumulators makes it possible to recover, after refining: nickel, cadmium, zinc (in oxidized or metallic form), manganese (in the form of ferro-manganese or manganese oxide), iron (in the form of ferromanganese or scrap), mercury (after distillation and refining, in the form of liquid purified metal).

In total, with a ton of battery, it is not less than 600 kg of reusable materials that can be extracted! In these 600 kg, one finds 300 to 350 kg of zinc, 20 kg of nickel or 2 kg of mercury. The one contained in a single battery enough to pollute 40 liters of water for 50 years, it is easy to understand the need not to let it spread in the environment.

The materials obtained are then reinjected into the industrial circuit:

  • Lead and cadmium to make new batteries,
  • Manganese in high wear-resistant parts such as backhoe buckets
  • Nickel in household and building accessories,
  • Zinc in the gutters of rainwater recovery …
  • The batteries and accumulators present real dangers for the environment, in particular the grounds , by the substances they contain, if they are not recycled.
  • A battery consists of two electrodes, the anode and the cathode. They are bathed in a more or less liquid solution called electrolyte.
  • The anode consists of materials chosen for their ability to release electrons.
  • They are usually metals (lead, iron, zinc, cadmium, calcium, aluminum, magnesium, lithium) or hydrogen.
  • The cathode is made of materials capable of fixing electrons. Sulfur, halogens or metal oxides are used.

The Boom of Crypto World And the Impact

Everyone is talking about Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency from the internet without state control. It should be democratic, inflation-protected, revolutionizing the financial system. But for many it’s all about investing money.

The value of the oldest cryptocurrency is exploding: at the beginning of the year, a Bitcoin cost around 1,000dollars. Now it is 9000 dollars.

And whoever puts money into Bitcoin continues to fuel the course.

Digital Currency or Criteria Cryptocurrency is becoming more and more popular. It is hot top hit. The world is talking about because it is a new innovation in finance. The potential of digital currency is coming to replace the traditional financial system. Blockchain is also a broadly-discussed innovation. And it is used in many ways. Or adapt to business as well.

Let’s go down in detail to see that. Digital Currency or Cryptocurrency, How much investment is there? Why is the flow of people? Attention and talk with reference to now.

Digital currency is a new investment channel that can generate returns or very high profit. And investors can invest 24 hours all over the world. If you study the basic information techniques including news updates related to digital currency investment the website is full. At one end JIBEX will have the opportunity to manage the risks of investing in this format as well.

This digital money investment has no control over the price or the middleman, so the price will vary according to the market mechanism. This volatility is based on confidence and the demand for buy-sell of investors. Including news Events It is also associated with digital currency at that time.

Digital currency Technology blog used.

  • It is a non-centric system, so all data in the system is distributed to every user in the system. And everyone will have this information in different sets. To change information any new data that has been added to the system needs to be accepted by most users in the system before they can be changed or updated in the system at the same time. This block technology has been adapted and developed for use in other forms, such as contracting without smarts, voting, and accounting.
  • The potential of digital currency It is becoming a universal currency of the world. Thanks for the blogging technology. Make transactions through digital currency It is safer, faster, and more verifiable. There is no need for an intermediary to control or supervise. Public disclosure is there for every user in the system as it is a validator. And accept all transactions.

With Blockchain’s ability, digital currencies are likely to change the world’s financial system and there are also opportunities to affect the industry. And many businesses in the world you have. This will make your life change forever.However, every investment is risky. Investors need to study the details before making a decision.

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