Perfect Solutions for The Drug Problems

The rehabilitation center “Yenisei” carries out effective treatment of drug addiction in Krasnoyarsk. With the advent of the addict in the family, a quiet life ends, and every day turns into a real fight. At the same time, the drug bog sucks more and more, and only individuals can get out of it. That’s why, if you or your loved ones are in trouble, then you should not try to fight it alone. It is better to go through a comprehensive course of drug treatment, and say goodbye to addiction once and for all. Now that proper help is available you can surely have the solutions available.

The main symptoms of addiction

If you are not sure whether your loved one needs professional drug treatment, then first of all you need to look more closely at the person. There are a number of external signs that may indicate that he is addicted to drugs:

  • Inadequate dialogue building. Depending on the type of drug: accelerated or hindered speech;
  • Distorted perception of reality. Hallucinations;
  • Inability to maintain the semantic direction of the conversation;
  • Low photosensitivity of pupils. Pupils can be as maximally expanded, and as narrow as possible;

Uncontrolled physical activity:

  • With the use of “salt” – increased, with the use of “chocolate or spice” – on the contrary inhibited;
  • Unwillingness (inability) to follow, take care of yourself. The appearance ceases to interest the person;
  • Violation of the regime of the day. Nutrition, sleep, hygienic procedures, etc., take on erratic performance, or are completely absent;
  • Extreme mood swings. Euphoria and detachment of intoxication state sharply change for aggression and irritability of temporary remission;
  • Destruction of social, professional, family ties;

Focus on personal interests

The manifestation of one or more signs from the above list may indicate that a person needs drug dependence treatment. Also, you can confirm or deny your fears by personal communication. As a rule, addicts become more secretive with obvious signs of paranoia. In this case, you can contact a professional center for addicts for detailed advice.

Stages of drug addiction

There is no stereotyped pattern of drug addiction, as well as clear stages of the development of the disease, however, specialists who treat patients with drug addiction distinguish three main stages of dependence development:

At the first stage, people are just beginning to get acquainted with drugs, and this is due to the usual curiosity, typical, as a rule, for young people and adolescents. It all starts with light drugs, giving an unforgettable feeling of euphoria. Next, the addict wants to strengthen feelings, and he begins to increase the dose of consumption, try other, stronger substances, or mix them with alcohol and / or each other.

The second stage is characterized by a gradual addiction of the organism to the “dose”. At the same time, an increase in the dose is not accompanied by an increase in buzz. A person loses composure and calmness, and drug use becomes something planned.

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