Your Spring Cultural Diary

Spring has officially arrived and we’re planning our cultural diaries, as you should be too. Winter is over so it’s time to get out and about again, so here’s our round up of the top three things that caught our eye:

A Trip To The Theatre

The Times called it ‘stunning’ and ‘chilling’, the Financial Times declared it ‘brilliant’ and Time Out cited it ‘mesmerically disorientating’: George Orwell’s dark dystopian drama, 1984, makes a move to the West End next month. The story imagines a future England (now part of a superstate) where free thinkers are persecuted by the government, which rules the people with tyranny, immorality and surveillance. The story of one man’s struggle to rebel against, and ultimately attempt to overthrow the government is the same that made ‘Big Brother’ and ‘thought police’ everyday phrases.  And, with stunning special effects and a commendable cast, this is a must-see production.

An Inspirational Art Exhibition

The V&A is home to Beatrix Potter’s many drawings, paintings and letters, and was a place of interest to her in her youth, when she would visit to copy the museum’s portraiture. Boasting the largest collection of her works, the museum is putting on a new exhibition, Beatrix Potter: the Land, the Seasons and the War (WWI).  Rather than look to her famous creation, Peter Rabbit, it focuses on her intricately beautiful landscape watercolours, which chart the changing environment through World War 1.

 A Trip to the Cinema

Escape for the afternoon to the wonderful world of director Wes Anderson and his new offering The Grand Budapest Hotel. This film tells the tale of legendary concierge of the Grand Budapest, Gustave H, who led an action packed life to say the least. Along with the enchanting story, the film features all of the director’s trademarks including quirky characters (Ralph Fiennes in Dior sunglasses!), strong colour palettes, and wonderful cinematography.

We hope you enjoy our cultural selection, let us know what else you will be doing in the coming weeks!

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